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Cast Iron Square Grill Pan

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Product Specifications

Specification Value
Length/Width 10 inch
Depth 1.6 inch
Weight 2.6 Kg
Total Length 18.5 inch


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Square Grill Pan

Square Grill Pan

This square grill pan will bring restaurant like food grilling to your home. From sandwiches to tikkas and kebabs, this grill pan will adorn your food with tantalizing grill marks without any extra hustle. And guess what, the ingenious design makes it easy to clean and store. So what are you waiting for! Bring home Feroall square grill pan and make it your companion while cooking yummy and healthy cuisines.

Grill Pan Can be Used Over










100 % SAFE



Reasons you’ll love Feroall cookware

Naturaly Non-Stick

Quality of material

Easy to clean

Light weight

Product Details


This Grill Pan is seasoned with natural edible oils, making it 100% non-toxic. Seasoning makes it ready to use right out of the box


Prominent grills, no sharp corners, heavy weight for even heat retention and outdoor use. This makes it perfect for the outdoors as well as the indoors


Cast Iron gets better with every use and can be passed on for generations. That’s why it is an ‘investment’.


Cooking in cast iron adds a rustic flavour and enriches the iron content of food. This makes a perfect meal.

100 % SAFE

The Grill Pan is absolutely food safe. It has no chemical or toxic coatings such as PFOA or PTFE.

Customer Clicks

“I use this grill pan for making chicken 65 and other items with chicken. The grill marks and the flavour it gets is just awesome”
“This grill pan is perfect for making sandwiches. Use it often. Fits 4 bread slices at a time. Cooks well and tastes delicious”
“This grill pan is perfect for all types of shallow frying. I use it mostly for fish. The fish looks great with the grill marks and tastes delicious”
“I have been using this grill pan for many months now. I make chicken tikkas, kebabs and chicken 65 using this pan. Heats well cooks great”

You are about to make an investment for a lifetime. Go ahead and make the right choice by investing in Feroall Cast Iron cookware

Skillet Care

For best results, we recommend you to heat the pan on a low flame before starting to cook, and add some extra oil for the initial few uses. After using, clean the pan, dry it and apply a thin layer of oil all over it before storing, so that rust stays away from your cookware


Find all answers to your questions about Square Grill Pan.

A cast iron grill pan can be used over induction, campfire, oven, and gas stove. It is naturally non-stick, high quality, easy to clean and lightweight. The Cast Iron Grill Pan is seasoned with natural edible oils, making it 100% non-toxic. It has no chemical or toxic coatings such as PFOA or PTFE.

A cast iron square grill pan is perfect to use for grilling or baking. You can grill sandwiches, tikkas, and kebabs and the high heat tolerance even allows you to sear steaks and chicken. It is the best companion for healthy and yummy cuisines.

A square cast iron grill pan allows for homemade restaurant-style grilled dishes like sandwiches, tikkas, and kebabs. To achieve optimal results, heat the pan on low and add extra oil for initial use. Clean, dry, and apply oil to the pan before storing to prevent rust buildup.

A cast iron grill pan last for a long time. It has anti-rusting properties which makes it usable for a very long time. The cast iron grill pan from Feroall gets better with time. It is 100% safe to use it for a long time. Since it does get rust or chipped, the longevity increases!

1 review for Cast Iron Square Grill Pan

  1. Anuradha Sharma

    I am using the cast iron grilled pan that I purchased from Feroall. I have been using it since then. The quality of this pan is the finest and on top of that, it is so easy to clean because the food doesn’t stick on the pan! It is so easy to use on induction plus it is so affordable!

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