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Cast Iron Cookware is like an investment; it gets better with time
& gives you the joy of healthy cooking for a lifetime

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Cast Iron Flat Tawa / Dosa Tawa/ Flat Pan

For crisp dosas| soft rotis

Save: ₹400.00 (26.3%)

₹1019 MRP ₹1399

Free Shipping On Pre-Paid Orders

Super Smooth Cast Iron Skillet with handle cover

Naturally non-stick and truly multipurpose

Save: ₹319.00 (26.6%)

₹889 MRP ₹1199

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Cast Iron Big Cooking Pot

Gives authentic taste to Indian cuisines

Save: ₹469.00 (31.5%)

₹1020 MRP ₹1489

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Why Feroall


Feroall cookware is smooth to the touch, naturally non-stick and easy to clean. Our proprietary micro-textured surface finish holds onto your seasoning, not your food. Our smooth cooking surface is a breeze to clean. Just wipe it out under warm running water, dry it off and you’re done.

User Friendly

Ease of use means you tend to use it every day, thus getting maximum benefits of cast iron cookware. Greater control equals better food. We designed these products to have the right balance of ease of use and heat retention, giving you better control over your temperature, and ability to use them everyday

Heirloom Quality

Feroall cookware is built to last. It gets better with every use and never loses its effectiveness. It can be very well passed on to generations. The cookware contains no toxic materials or artificial coatings. So you never have to worry about any toxins entering your stomach due to the cookware.

Sustainable & proudly made in India

All our products are India made from beginning till the end. We are a proud made in India brand. We have ditched the plastic bubble wrap and foam. We care for our mother earth in little ways we can. So we use eco-friendly packaging like cloth bags, corrugated boxes and brown papers

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What Our Customers Say

The clarity of our products in one go!

Tilottama Shrinivasa
Tilottama Shrinivasa
February 18, 2023
Got two pieces and they are both lovely. As a mechanical engineer, just touching it brings so much joy 😊 The surface quality is superb and the designs are really ergonomic! So glad that we now have such beautifully manufactured cookware in guilt-free, healthy cast iron. Highly recommend getting some
Yogini Gupte
Yogini Gupte
July 16, 2022
Thanks Priya for these amazing products, roasted peanuts in Big Pot & cooked thalipeeth in the Skillet today, it didn't stick to the bottom at all and noticed difference in taste too. Time to try other products, more orders coming your way 😀
kadambari bawa
kadambari bawa
July 3, 2022
Amazing quality of cast iron cookware at reasonable prices! Take your step for healthy lifestyle by trusting feroall cast iron cookware☺️
Janhavi Kharalkar
Janhavi Kharalkar
April 28, 2022
Feroall big pot and tawa are superb ! And what I liked the most is the service .. Without even making the payment I received the goods well in time and no follow up at all after the payment delay from my side. Such a genuine seller !!
Priyanka Soman
Priyanka Soman
March 17, 2022
Very useful products. I have purchased tawa n souce pan. Tawa is very useful in daily bUsy schedule. For Thalipith, chhilla, poli, suran banana cheaps... Not sticky n after daily use oil also less required
Manali Kulkarni
Manali Kulkarni
March 8, 2022
I ordered cast iron flat pan from Feroall and I am very happy with it... It's the perfect size for a Southern dosa, uttapam.. it's easy to maintain and easy to use. Must buy who loves southern dishes
Charu Sawant
Charu Sawant
February 2, 2022
Classic skillet is just wow... Texture is super smooth, size is just perfect, it was well seasoned and above all rate is very much reasonable compared to other brands. Highly recommended...
Sayali Kulkarni
Sayali Kulkarni
February 2, 2022
Very good experience with cast iron tawa. Absolutely nonstick
Sayali Dixit
Sayali Dixit
December 8, 2021
Using flat tawa from one month. Really good quality and pocket friendly product.Delivery time was super fast.

Cast Iron Cookware Benefits


Made in the strength and tough core of iron , cast iron cookware was made to prepare the most sizzling of dishes that you love. Hence, when it comes to culinary adventures, cast iron cookware handles the heat very well, resulting in it to not wear over time.


From sauteing veggies delights to preparing chicken, or even the baking of a loaded pizza, cast iron cookware can do almost all of it and much more. Carry it to an outdoor grill or campfire , or just enjoy the stovetop cooking indoors and serve it right hot.

Makes Food Tastier

With its fantastic heat retention properties, cast iron cookware naturally seasons every dish you cook. From the creation of crispy fried chicken to flavourful roasted veggies , from a delicious serving of an omelette to even a perfect loaf of bread , it can prepare everything to your liking.

Healthy Cooking

Cooking in a cast iron cookware has its set of benefits. It improves the iron content of food, also retaining the micro nutrients in it. Cast iron cookware could be an easy way to boost your iron intake along side the consumption of iron rich food daily.

From the Founder,

Feroall was born with an appreciation and passion for healthy cooking, I started this with a mission to provide a soulful cooking experience to people around me.

All the products you see here are designed by me. While designing, user friendliness, suitability to cook a variety of dishes using a single cookware and also looks and style have been my priorities. I want you all to use these daily, so that you can reap maximum benefits out of it. Health wise and taste wise. Believe me the food tastes fantastic when cooked in cast iron.

I aspire to assist people around me eat healthy and stay fit because the greatest lesson I have learnt during the pandemic is that “health is an ultimate luxury you can have”

All our Cookware is manufactured using time tested casting process and well-seasoned with natural oils to ensure quality is never compromised.

I urge you all to join me in this wonderful culinary journey of tasty and healthy food by investing in cast iron and ultimately in your own health. Its gonna be fun.

With Love,

Priya Patil

Founder- Feroall Cookware

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The clarity of our products in one go!

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