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Cast Iron Tadka Pan/ Melting Pot

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Product Specifications

Specification Value
Diameter 4.5 inch
Depth 2.5 inch
Weight 870 gm
Total Length 10.5 inch
Capacity 550 ml


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Tadka Pan/ Melting

Tadka Pan/ Melting Pot

Tadka has been an essential ingredient of a lot of Indian recipes. This Tadka pan from Feroall can be used for tempering and seasoning all your lip-smacking dishes, from dal, rasam, and sambhar to dhokla and chutneys.

The use of this cute little pan is not limited to tadkas only. You can melt butter and cheese or roast fresh coffee beans in it. This is indeed a mini yet multi-purpose kitchen essential.

So what are you waiting for! Place an order for this pan and make this cute one your kitchen friend.

Tadka pan can be used for

Melt butter/ cheese
Roast fresh coffee beans
Roast almonds, peanuts, cashews etc.

Tadka Pan Can be Used Over










100 % SAFE



Reasons you’ll love Feroall cookware

Naturaly Non-Stick

Quality of material

Easy to clean

Light weight

Product Details


This Tadka pan is seasoned with natural edible oils. It is 100% non-toxic. Seasoning makes it ready to use right out of the box


This tadka pan can be used on the gas and electric stove, on induction and also over a campfire. It is strong and durable with an elegant design


Spouts for pouring, no sharp corners, optimum weight for even heat retention and ease of use. This makes it perfect for every day use.


Cast Iron gets better with every use and can be passed on for generations. That’s why it is an ‘investment’.


Cooking in cast iron adds a rustic flavour and enriches the iron content of food. This makes a perfect meal.

100 % SAFE

The tadka pan is absolutely food safe. It has no chemical or toxic coatings such as PFOA or PTFE.

Here is what our customers are cooking in Feroall cookware

“I use this little tadka pan for tempering my dhokla. The tadka becomes perfect and dhokla tastes delicious. It’s easy to handle”
“This tadka pan is very useful for daily tadka. I use it daily mostly for daal. The cloth handle cover makes it convenient. Must buy ”
“I use this tadka pan not only for making tadkas but also for daal as we are only 2 people. The daal tastes absolutely delicious”
“I am able to make tasty and crispy dosas just like my grandmom used to on this flat tawa. Requires some practice but it is worth it.”

You are about to make an investment for a lifetime. Go ahead and make the right choice by investing in Feroall Cast Iron cookware

Tadka Pan Use and Care

● Before 1st use

As the pan is pre-seasoned, just wash it with soap wipe it dry and then you can start using

 ● While using 

For best results, we recommend you to heat the pan on a low flame before starting to cook, and add some extra oil for the initial few uses

 ● After using 

After using, clean the pan, you can wash it with soap/ liquid and a soft scrub. Wipe it dry and apply a thin layer of oil all over it before storing, so that rust stays away from your cookware. This is to be done for the initial few weeks after which you can stop oiling.


Find all answers to your questions about tadka pan.

The cast iron tadka pan will last you for several years. Cast iron is a type of material that can be passed on to the next generation. It has a high heat resistance and keeps food warm once heated.

A cast iron tadka pan is made with iron hence, it also enriches your food with iron as well. It is an important and healthy component of your food and it also makes your cooking more delicious with a distinct flavour. You can melt butter and cheese or roast fresh coffee beans in it. This is indeed a multi-purpose kitchen essential.

Yes, the cast iron tadka is worth it because it is very long lasting. It is a multipurpose cookware that helps you season your favourite tadka dishes very well. It is very durable and does not bend due to high heat.

Cast iron tadka pans are the best because they are long-lasting and can endure a lot of heat for a long time. It is a versatile cookware that can be used for tempering and seasoning all your lip-smacking dishes, from dal, rasam, and sambhar to dhokla and chutneys.

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  1. Karan Thakur

    I purchased a cast iron tadka pan from Feroall. This is the best cookware item I have in my kitchen. It is a toxin-free cast iron pan that makes food tastier while cooking. It is very easy to clean and is rust-free. Inveting in this cast iron tadka pan has helped me save a lot of money.

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